Why Sustainability?


Rapid urbanization rate means more people will live in the urban centers, and more building needs to be built to accommodate this influx of population. Buildings alone account for 40% of the world’s energy consumption. Many conventional buildings’ operation is inefficient, which means a lot of resources, such as energy and water, are being wasted for no use.

We often assume to have infinite natural resources to support our consumption. This way of thinking poses many threats to the environment we live in; few examples are rising earth temperature, melting glacier in the Arctic and Antarctica, and extreme weather all over the world. Even worse, we may pass the peril of natural resources scarcity to our own next generation. Because of this, we have to change our way of consuming natural resources, with sustainable design and operation of buildings plays a major part.

Sustainable design and operation is not only beneficial for the environment, but also for the building owner, occupant, and society at large. The benefits can be tangible and intangible: reduced operation cost, increased health and well-being of the occupant, improved brand name, mitigation of energy dependence, and increased long-term value of the building, to name a few.

How we do it

MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) engineering is an essential part of a sustainable design; it plays a major role in the energy and water conservation, and to some extent, indoor air quality. As a prominent MEP engineering consultant, PT Asdi pledges to advocate for green design, and strives to be the frontrunner in practicing sustainable engineering. We creatively consider every aspect of our design to be not just innovative and practical, but also environmentally sustainable and commercially viable. We also offer professional services in sustainability engineering.