Who We Are

PT METRIK TEKNO PERSADA is total service consulting firm in the fields of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Engineer. We strive to be the leader in providing complete engineering service in our field of expertise: mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, electronic and communication.

The operating philosophy of our firm is one of up-to-date and creative design, tempered by pragmatism and an overriding concern for professional responsibility. We have set project management control and quality assurance procedures with in-house estimating capabilities enabling us to adhere to strict budget and schedule constraints.

Quality Assurance and Project Management

Our quality assurance procedure is fundamental to the delivery of our projects and services, and is practiced in the daily activities of all our team. We enhance quality by working in systematic manner to formal procedure developed to eliminate the occurrence of deficiencies, which minimizes the risk of dissatisfied clients. Our Engineering Manager conducts thorough checks at every design stage to ensure the designs meet our stringent standard. Uniformity of working methods and procedures relating to critical activities are fundamental to the achievement of quality in our designs.

Our unique team approach ensures that a client receives continuity throughout the project. A Senior Director is in charge of the overall responsibility over projects. The Project Manager has direct day-to-day control over the project development from the conceptual design phase through the construction administration phase. The project team provides continuous service to the project from the start to finish, thus maintaining the philosophy and integrity of the design. Our client will benefit from a unified approach with checks and balances that procedure a well-coordinated project.